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Obstacles and Opportunities.

The Monarch is an Overcomer. Focused on a destination. On Goals. And a Finish Line. You have the power to make a Difference. Working together with Communities to Create the Monarch Flyway – Butterfly Trail.
Monarchs migrate through EVERY state in the US. Along their way, they need habitat, specifically, milkweed. No milkweed, no monarchs, it is that simple. Right now, people are the monarch’s greatest risk.

We’ve forgotten our past and the usefulness of milkweed. We’ve plowed our prairies in the name of progress. It is time for a change! Both monarchs and people can thrive by using milkweed in innovative and traditional ways.

Our programs and partners protect habitat along the monarch migration route through market based conservation. Join us as we help build win/win situations for people, planet, and monarchs!

Thank you for showing support for Sustainable Monarch and our vision of habitat conservation and education in rural areas through the Monarch Flyway Butterfly Trail.

With your contribution we will be able to reach more people and work toward developing a larger conservation plan and a systematic approach to protecting monarch habitat. As a 501(c)3 and an exempt organization as described in the Internal Revenue Code; EIN 81-1886164. Please retain this receipt for your records. We look forward to a future in which monarch habitat is viewed as an important ecosystem.