Why Milkweed?

Save the Milkweed, Save the Monarch! Milkweed is the ONLY plant monarchs will lay its eggs on and their caterpillar's only food source! 

You can help! Protect local milkweed patches from destruction and educate those around you about its importance to the monarch migration. You can talk to local roadside mowers, park maintenance, and schools. We'd love to help you help your community be a safe haven for monarchs! Contact us! 

As an herbaceous plant found all over the world, Milkweed is sometimes prized for its decorative appeal, but more often it is considered a weed and destroyed. As a result milkweed stands are disappearing and with them the magnificent migrating Monarch butterflies.

Milkweed is part of the Asclepias family. Two widely found varieties in the United States and Canada are the Common Milkweed (Ascelpias Syriaca), also known as silkweed and butterfly flower, and Showy Milkweed (Ascelpias speciosa). Both varieties provide food and protection for migrating Monarch butterflies.