Monarchs & Milkweed: Crucial Combination

The Monarch Flyway Program is working toward the preservation of monarch habitat and biodiversity. We are currently working to expand our corporate partners so we can protect more monarch habitat through locally organized milkweed pod collections.

Modeled after the wild collection effort mounted in World War II, we identify milkweed pod collection points and supply independent pickers with bags to go out and pick the pods at the collection points. We look for organized, self-motivated people who are well connected in their community to head the effort in their area. The pod picking window is only 4-6 weeks so it is a lot of work in a short amount of time. Through our sponsors, Sustainable Monarch supplies bags to Monarch Flyway Communities.

Our goal is to create locally owned and operated businesses in communities that protect milkweed and wildlife habitat. Collection goals are set and agreed upon by Monarch Flyway and the collection points before the harvest. We start with a minimum goal of 3,000 pounds of milkweed pods per season but one collection point sent over 100,000 pounds one season.