Save the Monarchs!

Why the focus on the Monarch butterfly?

Why the fuss with milkweed?

One of the more interesting Monarch butterfly facts is its relationship with milkweed in every phase of the Monarch butterfly’s life cycle.

Butterfly Gardens

Monarch butterflies are some of the most beautiful and interesting creatures on the planet. Their remarkable migration from Mexico through the United States to Canada is considered an endangered phenomenon. Habitat destruction is threatening the very survival of Monarchs. You can create a healthy habitat anywhere.

Did you know that pollinators communicate to their buddies about the best hangouts? Get the party started with our Monarch Flyway Seed Mix — East, West, and South based on your geographical location. Whether you have a large scale restoration project that requires thousands of pounds of seed or a small yard that may only need an ounce, we want to help you strengthen the Monarch Flyway for all pollinators. Just like going to your favorite hotspot with friends, pollinators will eat, drink and may even find a mate. Bloom times stagger from early Spring to late Fall which pack a punch of high quality nectar for Monarchs to fuel up on their way back to Mexico. Sit back and watch the activity knowing your habitat helps save more than Monarchs. Watch, learn, and enjoy.


Monarch Flyway specializes in large Monarch habitat restoration projects and offers milkweed seed for bulk planting with a minimum order of 100 pounds. Please contact us at 308-284-8404 for a quote on bulk seed or if you want to discuss your project with our team.

If you have a small or medium restoration project, we highly recommend going to: Stock Seed Farms for your milkweed and wildflower seed needs.

We are thrilled that you want to make a positive difference in the monarch and pollinator habitat that surrounds you. Your actions help more than you might think. Proactive and passionate people like you will help get the monarch migration back to healthy levels again. Keep educating, advocating, protecting and planting milkweed and biodiversity. Thank you for your efforts!

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